LGBT Jewish Subpopulations

According to Celebrating Distinctions Bay Area LGBT Jews would be best served by targeting the needs of more specific sub-populations of the community. Specifically, we stated that LGBT Jewish programs should, if possible, be designed to appeal to particular subpopulations which can be even further defined by age, gender, geography, family status, level of Jewish engagement, etc. The Bay Area LGBT Jewish Community has heard these recommendations and continues to work on promoting the full integration of LGBT Jews into the Jewish community in ways that celebrate distinctions, rather than promote assimilation. However this blog is limited and does not specifically break down the experiences of our complex collection of subpopulations, which are themselves full of yet more diversity.

  • Learn: To learn more about how you can create programs, events or opportunities to empower and engage LGBT Jews outside of the “one size fits all” model please begin by reading page 12 in Celebrating Distinctions to get a few ideas.
  • Search: If you are looking to connect within the subpopulation that you might identify with you can take a look at the posts on this blog by using a key search term like, “Trans” or “Seniors“.
  • Connect: If you are looking for events take a look at our LGBT Alliance Facebook page or find out what LGBT Jewish Events are happening via our Jewish Community Federation.

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