As stated in Celebrating Distinctions the feelings, perceptions, and relationships to Israel are among the most difficult to characterize and understand, because there is simply no consensus among Bay Area LGBT Jews about these issues as they relate to Israel. Across all demographic groups, and regardless of whether people identify as Zionist or not, Bay Area LGBT Jews express confusion and concern about the complexity of Israel’s politics. This echoes national studies that find LGBT Jews less connected to Israel and more ambivalent about their relationships to the Jewish state than non-LGBT Jews (LGBT Study Page 25 Cohen, Aviv, and Kelman 2009). Complex relationships and feelings among American Jews regarding Israel are not new (LGBT Study Page 26 Cohen 1985, 1989, Liebman and Cohen 1990, Waxman 1992).  As American Jews have become more integrated into American culture and anti-Semitism plays a less salient role in people’s lives, many Jews now see the United States, not Israel, as the center of the Jewish world (LGBT Study Page 26 Cohen and Kelman 2008, Aviv and Shneer 2005).

This blog is limited to a few experiences about how this Bay Area LGBT Jewish Community experiences Israel as well as how this particular blogger visited Israel in the summer of 2010. To learn more about how you can connect with what is happening in the Bay Area LGBT Jewish Community on Israel:


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