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The pain of concealing one’s identity is something that we understand as out LGBT identified Jews. We are grateful for the privilege of being out and open in our communities, but in so many places the struggle to be our full complete selves continues.

This past weekend at the San Francisco Queer Shabbaton, Lisa Finkelstein had the opportunity to attend as well as faciliate a discussion on the how the intersection of intimacy and boundries can build a diverse Jewish community. The previous weekend Arthur had the opportunity to attend an East Coast Orthodox-based Shabbaton with 140 other LGBT Jews. Many of the participants said to Arthur with great emotion that they had dreamed all their lives of a community where they could be their authentic LGBT Jewish selves. As each community event, party, concert, discussion or fundraiser presents opportunities to connect all of our LGBT Jewish lives together we hope that you will too choose to join us out in the community.  


From the expansion of visitation rights at hospitals, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and now the unbarred travel to the U.S. for people living with HIV/AIDS, our community has cause for celebration, yet there is much more work ahead. See our upcoming events and read an elaboration on these topics written by our newest Federation team member, Max Kopeikin.


Arthur Slepian, Chair & Lisa Finkelstein, Director of the LGBT Alliance of the Jewish Community Federation co-wrote this piece in hopes to seeing all of our readers OUT in the community


Congregation Sha’ar Zahav and Stanford Hillel
Feb 25, 26 & 27   

The Taube Center for Jewish Studies at Stanford hosts a weekend of Shabbat connections, Discussion & Learning
Power of One
Feb 07 5:00pm – Feb 07 8:30pm
 A celebration of Jewish women & men who inspire each & every one of us to make a difference.
Israeli Photographer Adi Nes
JCCSF – Feb 01 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Hillel at Stanford – Feb 02 12:30pm – 2:00pm 

Palo Alto JCC – Feb 02 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Internationally acclaimed Israeli artist about his Israeli homo-erotic soldiers’ Last Supper, homeless Bible Stories and much more 

Celebration of The Robert Giard Exhibibition
Feb 09 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Particular Voices: Portraits of Jewish Gay and Lesbian Writers featuring poets Teya Schafferm & Elana Dykewomon
Just Because It’s Not Wrong Doesn’t Make It Right
Feb 09 7:00pm – 9:00pm

From toddlers to teens, teaching children to think and act ethically with author expert Barbara Coloroso


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dadt is dead.

my mother asked me this morning if i was going to “send out a blogging post for don’t ask don’t tell.” she figured that i did not do it yesterday because of shabbat but expected one from me this morning. so, mom, here it is: dadt is done. consider it dead. consider it old news.

on december 10, 2010 rabbi denise eger’s blog stated this, “DADT is nothing but an antiquated vehicle for homo-hatred.” agreed and now the vehicle is dead.

but just in case you do crave information on how the organized jewish community rallied folks around the repeal of dadt i did come up short in finding any web-evidence of grassroots education projects or organizing.  but i did read in the jta that multiple jewish groups, including the jewish council for public affairs (jcpa), the anti-defamation league, the national council of jewish women, american jewish committee (ajc), american jewish congress, b’nai b’rith international, jewish labor committee, jewish reconstructionist federation, union for reform judaism and the united synagogue of conservative judaism had together made multiple public support statements and lobbied for its repeal. plus my favorite jewish military site had one posting featuring rabbi boteach on dadt too. maybe it was because dadt was so widely not accepted by folks in our community that jewish folks did not feel like they had a role in repealing it?!?!

but here is a real question, is the reign of homo-hatred in the military really dead or is it the 31 senators and 175 representatives that voted no as well as the 9 reps that did not even bother to vote that we should be worried about?

and now that i wrote on dadt – here is a link to what my mother really wants: lady gaga and pink on dadt.


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